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Posted on in Real Estate/Volume VI

Accessing the Legal and Market Implications of the Landmark Case Against the National Association of Realtors

By Chance King Introduction In the United States, it has long been accepted that real estate agents receive a 5-6% commission of the total sale price split between the buyer and sellers’ agents upon the sale of residential property.[1] A recent verdict against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and several of the largest real estate… Keep Reading

Posted on in College Sports/Entertainment/Volume VI

The Fair Pay to Pay Act and How California Led the Way to College Athlete Pay Reform and the Development of NIL

By Simon Lockard Introduction Name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) refers to a college athlete’s ability to profit from themselves.[1] The National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) has historically prohibited college athletes from utilizing their NIL. It has enacted harsh penalties against athletes who violate its policies while profiting off those same athletes through media rights, bowl revenues,… Keep Reading

Posted on in Entertainment/Labor Law/Social Media/Volume VI

The Necessity of Child Influencer Laws Amongst a Monetized Content Society

By Sophie Zarkesh Introduction As we mindlessly scroll through our social media platforms, one thing is certain: children are everywhere.  Instagram Reels and TikTok’s of babies giggling and children falling flood our feeds.  On other social media platforms, like YouTube, family channels who film the daily lives of their kids and teenagers are amongst some of the… Keep Reading

Posted on in Public Policy/Real Estate/Volume VI

SB 6: California Legislative Initiatives Pave the Way for Residential Expansion in Commercial Zones 

By Allen Nobel  Introduction: In the ever-changing world of California’s commercial real estate, a notable trend is emerging: the repurposing of vacant office spaces into multifamily units, industrial facilities, and retail establishments. According to the Winter 2024 Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast California Commercial Real Estate Survey, about a quarter of property owners and operators across… Keep Reading

Posted on in Real Estate/Tax/Volume VI

Assessing Los Angeles’ Measure ULA: Objectives, Efficacy, Impact, and Legal Compliance

By Allen Nobel Introduction Measure ULA, the “Mansion Tax” or the “Homelessness and Housing Solutions Tax,” voted on the November 2022 ballot, aimed to raise taxes on property sales exceeding $5 million within the City of Los Angeles. Measure ULA was approved by voters and became a legally binding ordinance on April 1, 2023.[1] Amidst widespread debate,… Keep Reading

Posted on in Business Organizations/Capital Markets/M&A/Volume VI

An Examination of The Proposed Kroger and Albertsons Merger, Its Potential Effects on the Economy, and Its Regulatory Battle With the FTC

By Simon Lockard Introduction: On October 14, 2022, Kroger and Albertsons announced their plan for a $24.6 billion merger to consolidate the two largest traditional grocery store corporations in the United States.[1]  Kroger and Albertsons claim they must merge to remain competitive against Walmart and Amazon in the grocery space.[2]  The proposed merger would create a corporation… Keep Reading

Posted on in Employment/Entertainment/Labor Law/Volume VI

The New WGA Agreement and What It Means For Labor Relations Nationwide

By Kristine Khosrovyan Introduction The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike has been at the forefront of the public eye since May 2023, resulting in a recent, groundbreaking agreement with major Hollywood studios. In the rapidly changing world of the entertainment industry, negotiations and agreements between industry stakeholders often shape the future of the entire… Keep Reading

Posted on in Employment/Entertainment/Labor Law/Volume VI

The Year of the Strikes: The Inherent Rights, Broadening Unemployment Benefits, and Wage Increases for Workers Demanding Change in Their Industries

By Sophie Zarkesh Introduction Over the past year, the U.S. has been hit with a vast amount of workforce strikes from a plethora of industries, ranging from Hollywood to fast-food and hospitality.  Within these industries, low-pay and deeply flawed working conditions are the driving force of the strikes as actors, writers, production assistants, automotive workers, hotel managers, and… Keep Reading

Posted on in Commercial Litigation/Finance/Volume VI

An Examination of Commercial Litigation Funding in the United States

By Chance King Introduction  Litigation funding, also known as third-party financing or legal finance, has a rich and evolving history in the United States. It refers to the practice where a third party provides financial support to a plaintiff in exchange for a portion of the potential monetary proceeds from a lawsuit. Over the years,… Keep Reading

Corporate Governance and Twitter’s Demise: The Revlon Rule in Focus

By Sharifa Hurt I. Introduction The legal rules of corporate governance are necessarily in place to discourage corporate greed and corruption. The situation in which corporate actors operate in self-interest at the cost of their shareholders’ demise is hardly an uncommon circumstance, and often has devastating outcomes. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, defrauded investors out of… Keep Reading

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