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The Erosion of Public Trust in the U.S. Bankruptcy System: Causes and Consequences

in Bankruptcy/Business Organizations/Finance/Government/Investment/Public Policy/Volume V

By Benjamin Miles I. Introduction to Bankruptcy Fraud Although many foreign legal scholars praise the U.S. bankruptcy system for its effectiveness in providing a fresh start for individuals or businesses in financial distress, the American public largely has lost faith in the system because of its perceived misuse by businesses seeking to evade debt obligations.…

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Why the Next Housing Crash Won’t Cause Another Great Recession

in Finance/Government/Real Estate/Volume V

By Benjamin Miles The word on Wall Street is a recession is looming. After all, we are technically in a recession, given that in the last two consecutive quarters, the economy has contracted. With the unemployment rate at 3.7% and housing prices still near recent highs, many are reluctant to describe the current economy as a recession.…

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