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Celebrity Endorsements and Partnerships for Marketing Purposes

in Government/Public Policy/Social Media/Volume V
Flat design illustration with female vlogger or influencer, recording new video.

By Elizabeth Lee I. Introduction Ever since advertising first began, companies have utilized celebrities’ fame and power to market their products. In doing so, companies can reach larger audiences and tap into extensive networks of loyal fans. With the rise of social media and platforms like Instagram and TikTok, companies have taken a greater interest…

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Data Privacy Complications in the Modern Era

in Cybersecurity/Government/Technology/Trade/Volume V

By Elizabeth Lee Recent advancements in technology now allow for information to be very easily accessed and disseminated.  Accordingly, it has become increasingly important for corporations to monitor the ways in which they collect and protect consumers’ data.  However, this data has also proven to provide corporations with valuable insight into consumer activity. As a…

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