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M&A: Twitter and Elon Musk

in Business Organizations/Capital Markets/Finance/Investment/Public Policy/Social Media/Volume V

By Lauren Dickstein I.          Introduction: About M&A Mergers and acquisitions, commonly known as M&A, refers to the process of combining different companies through buying and selling.[1] While M&A transactions take place in various forms or “deal structures,” they all involve the transfer of ownership of part or all of a business.[2] For example, a company…

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From LabMD to AMG: Where Should the FTC Go From Here?

in Cybersecurity/Government/Public Policy/Technology/Trade/Volume V

By Lauren Dickstein Have you ever agreed to a company’s privacy policy, had blood work tested by a lab, or purchased something online? If so, your personal information, or “data,” has been subject to regulation by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). Today’s data-driven services and products advertise bettering consumers’ lives by saving time, money, or…

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