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Corporate Governance and Twitter’s Demise: The Revlon Rule in Focus

in Business Organizations/Capital Markets/Investment/Public Policy/Social Media/Technology/Trade/Volume V

By Sharifa Hurt I. Introduction The legal rules of corporate governance are necessarily in place to discourage corporate greed and corruption. The situation in which corporate actors operate in self-interest at the cost of their shareholders’ demise is hardly an uncommon circumstance, and often has devastating outcomes. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, defrauded investors out of…

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The True Cost of Bringing Fully Automated Vehicles to Market: An Analysis of the Liability Implications to Come

in Government/Manufacturing/Public Policy/Technology/Volume V

By Sharifa Hurt The introduction of fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) to the auto market is expected to yield many benefits. Crash causation studies have found that human drivers were a primary cause of the over 5 million car crashes in the U.S. annually.[1] Autonomous vehicles may greatly reduce driver recognition error, the factor that is…

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