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How Can the USDOT and Southwestern Re-Earn American Consumer Trust?

in Business Organizations/Government/Public Policy/Trade/Volume V

By Sophia Sahagun I. Introduction In December 2022, Southwest Airlines melted down. Almost 16,000 total canceled flights at the end of the month left travelers and employees stranded at airports all over the country.[1] Though at first inclement weather was blamed, later it became clear that this was a Southwest-specific problem about far more than…

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Cyber Resilience: Why Cyberattacks Are No Longer Unforeseeable

in Cybersecurity/Government/Public Policy/Technology/Volume V

By Sophie Sahagun Online databases are a part of modern life in both the public and private sectors. Organizations and companies that store personal data of employees and users must acknowledge that hacking and data breaches are now a permanent part of life at any entity reliant on computer technology. Such companies must redesign their…

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