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The Necessity of Child Influencer Laws Amongst a Monetized Content Society

in Entertainment/Labor Law/Social Media/Volume VI

By Sophie Zarkesh Introduction As we mindlessly scroll through our social media platforms, one thing is certain: children are everywhere.  Instagram Reels and TikTok’s of babies giggling and children falling flood our feeds.  On other social media platforms, like YouTube, family channels who film the daily lives of their kids and teenagers are amongst some of the…

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The Year of the Strikes: The Inherent Rights, Broadening Unemployment Benefits, and Wage Increases for Workers Demanding Change in Their Industries

in Employment/Entertainment/Labor Law/Volume VI

By Sophie Zarkesh Introduction Over the past year, the U.S. has been hit with a vast amount of workforce strikes from a plethora of industries, ranging from Hollywood to fast-food and hospitality.  Within these industries, low-pay and deeply flawed working conditions are the driving force of the strikes as actors, writers, production assistants, automotive workers, hotel managers, and…

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