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Gloria Lee – Networking and Maintaining Client Relations

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Gloria J. Lee is Rutan & Tucker’s Client Relations Partner. She is responsible for the strategic growth of business development opportunities for the Firm’s attorneys and the implementation of client relationship initiatives for the Firm. Gloria previously worked on the financing and development of commercial, residential and resort properties. She was awarded the Marci Rubin…

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Jennifer Hernandez – A Look Into CEQA and Land Use Development

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Jennifer L. Hernandez leads the West Coast Land Use and Environmental Group at Holland & Knight. She works on projects in Northern and Southern California, as well as the Central Valley, and has achieved national prominence in her work on brownfield redevelopment, wetlands and endangered species, as well as the California Environmental Quality Act.

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The Digital Gold Rush

in Cybersecurity/Social Media/Technology/Volume I

By Johnson Fu  Personal information holds economic value incentivizing private companies to collect information on customers. Many businesses—from grocery chains, to investment banks, to the United States Postal Service—employ a “predictive analytics” department that investigates a consumer’s shopping habits in order to uncover information they then use to target their advertising.[1] But problematic in this…

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Investing in China in 2018: What Are the Risks?

in Capital Markets/Government/Trade/Volume I

By Jingchao (Diana) Gong China has been attracting global investors for its growth in recent years. According to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2016, China made up “28 percent of global GDP growth – a greater share of global growth than the US, Europe and Japan combined.”[1] Meanwhile, many risks exist when investing…

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Instagram Influencer Contracts: How FTC Regulations Have Spurred a Growing Legal Industry

in Business Organizations/Social Media/Technology/Volume I

By Alexandra Howerton   Imagine that a company sends teenagers free products to promote on their social media accounts. The teenagers, happy to receive free goods, post pictures on Instagram, tagging the company and captioning the pictures: “Check out my new stuff! #loveit =).” The next month, the company and the teenagers find out they are…

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Politicizing User Information: How Partisan Divisions in Congress Affect Personal Liberties Online

in Government/Public Policy/Technology/Volume I

By Jonathan Kwortek Recently, scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a political data firm, dominated the news cycle for weeks on end. Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of personal information from Facebook to target individuals with political advertisements[1] compelled Congress to invite Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify. While Republicans’ questioning displayed an interest in the social network’s handling…

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Humanity Aside: Why Employers Should Care About Overseas Filipino Workers’ Welfare

in Employment/Government/Public Policy/Volume I
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By Krisha Mae Cabrera    “BODY OF OFW FOUND IN FREEZER” — news of the brutal death of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) rattled the Filipino community early in 2018.  Joanna Demafelis was a domestic worker in Kuwait whose body was found in a freezer with signs of torture and strangulation. Though the details surrounding…

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#MeToo: Better for Business?

in Business Organizations/Employment/Public Policy

By Samantha Delbick The topic of sexual harassment has been at the forefront of public discourse since the #MeToo movement burst into the public consciousness during the fall of 2017. With people emboldened and continuing to share their stories, the anti-sexual harassment movement shows no signs of slowing down or fading anytime soon. Just as the…

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The Sharing Economy: The Imperfect Business Model

in Business Organizations/Employment/Tax

By Ashley Zavala  The Sharing Economy: The Future of Business?  With the integration of social media use in today’s society and the proliferation of millennial culture, millennials have embraced and created a new economic sector known as the “sharing economy.” The sharing economy is an economic sector birthed by millennial culture and is known primarily…

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The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the Mortgage Interest Deduction

in Public Policy/Real Estate/Tax

By Vaheh Manoukian The mortgage interest deduction is one of the most prominent features of the Internal Revenue Code. After state taxes, it is the most common deduction Americans make.[1] The mortgage interest deduction allows homeowners with a mortgage to deduct the interest from the mortgage on their taxes, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.…

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