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Should the Crypto-Industry be Self-Regulated?

in Capital Markets/Government/Technology

By Conner Morris  Why the Cryptocurrency Market Is Worth Regulating Currently, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is around $500 billion, after a significant increase to $630 billion in January 2018.[1] While the industry has been growing steadily over the last few years, in 2017 the digital asset industry exploded – the number of cryptocurrencies…

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The Pernicious Effects of Delayed IPOs

in Business Organizations/Capital Markets/Technology

By Nabi Menai Today, Silicon Valley is synonymous with success. It is widely regarded as the modern-day cradle of innovation, not only within the United States but beyond. Mired with a myriad of successful technology companies such as Facebook, Google, and Oracle, there is no better place to be for budding entrepreneurs. The pull of…

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Why Paid Paternity Leave is Good for Business

in Employment
Photo from Thomas8047 [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

By Rachel Abanonu Introduction Expanding employee benefits is one way firms can invest in retaining human capital and boost productivity.[1] Firms are rapidly losing market share[2] to legal market competitors[3]  due to a lack of investment in their human capital.[4] Attrition rates remain high,[5] costing employers hundreds of thousands of dollars per associate, which can…

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The Effects of China’s New Cybersecurity Law on Multinational Companies

in Cybersecurity/Government/Technology

By Mingmei Zhu  China’s Cybersecurity Law became effective on June 1, 2017. It subjects multinational companies to liability or penalty if they endanger China’s network security and personal information. Multinational companies have to comply with certain requirements under the Law, though the Law is unclear in some aspects and should be interpreted in more detail.…

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New Chinese Court Decision Recognizing American Judgements Will Have Limited Precedential Effect

in Business Organizations/Government
National flags of USA and China put on a table with books, gavel and a balance scale of justice behind. A symbol of cooperation between two nations, Washington and Beijing i.e. business dialogue, etc.

By Li Zhongheng The well-established trading relationship between China and the U.S. comes with its fair share of legal disputes. Traditionally, the judgments of American courts have not been enforced in China. However, on June 30, 2017, a Chinese local court issued a court order recognizing and enforcing an American civil money judgment. This decision…

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Blockchain Brick and Mortar: How Cryptocurrency ICO’s Will Revolutionize Real Estate Development

in Finance/Real Estate/Technology

By Kevin M. Conway Introduction Real estate has always been, by its essence, a local endeavor.  The financing of real estate has likewise traditionally been tied to asset location.  But with blockchain technology providing nearly costless transactions and instantaneous access to global capital markets through Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”),[1]real estate developers are poised to benefit…

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The Ban that Opened Pandora’s Box: The Impact of “Ban the Box” Ordinances on Employers Nationwide

in Business Organizations/Employment/Government/Public Policy
Governor of Minnesota mock signing the "Ban the Box" bill. Photo from the Office of Governor Mark Dayton & Lt. Governor Tina Smith [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

By Gabriel Mendoza Introduction “Check here if you have a felony conviction.”[1] “Check if you’ve ever been arrested.”[2] “[Check] if you have a criminal record.”[3] Effective January 1, 2018, California joined nine other states—as well as the District of Columbia and thirty U.S. cities and counties—in mandating that both public and private employers remove questions…

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Changes to Trademark Registration in the U.S. After Matal v. Tam

in Government
Photo by Gage Skidmore

By Yungchao Song  Background on Matal v. Tam In 2006, Simon Shiao Tam, an Asian American, founded an all-Asian rock band named “The Slants.” In 2011, he applied to register “The Slants” as a trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”). The PTO denied the application because the mark “The Slants,” as used for…

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Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule and Impact on the Financial Industry

in Finance/Government

By Kevin Moore Background While the Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) well-intentioned adoption of the fiduciary rule for financial professionals arguably protects consumers, the Department’s altruistic motive will do more harm than good by hindering an unsophisticated consumer’s ability to receive adequate financial planning advice. The DOL’s action widens the definition of “investment advice fiduciary” under…

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation: What Practitioners and U.S. Companies Need to Know About this New Regulation

in Business Organizations/Government/Technology

By Krista Fonseca In order to ensure that U.S. companies maintain a competitive advantage in the European Union markets U.S. companies must comply with the GDPR and any special derogations that a Member State has enacted. Introduction The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applicable as of May 25, 2018.[1] The GDPR…

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