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The True Cost of Bringing Fully Automated Vehicles to Market: An Analysis of the Liability Implications to Come

By Sharifa Hurt The introduction of fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) to the auto market is expected to yield many benefits. Crash causation studies have found that human drivers were a primary cause of the over 5 million car crashes in the U.S. annually.[1] Autonomous vehicles may greatly reduce driver recognition error, the factor that is… Keep Reading

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Autonomous Vehicles Today

By Vaheh Manoukian Whether it’s Tesla, Google, or Uber, technology companies are racing to advance the technology and policies to promote the autonomous vehicle (“AV”) movement. Waymo, a project originated by Google, is leading the way in this $6 billion industry.[1] Waymo’s current mission includes safely improving and scaling AVs through robust testing. Its Arizona–based… Keep Reading

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A Message to the Washing Machine Industry: Don’t Get too Excited About the Revival of Safeguard Measures

By Joo Yun Oh Introduction On January 23, President Donald Trump announced a steep tariff on solar cells and washing machines.[1] His decision is based on a long-forgotten law, Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974, also called as the “safeguard law.” According to the safeguard law, a company can ask for a protection… Keep Reading

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